We enrich the varieties of "TAMAGAMI"we have a total of 31 kinds
for you to choose from.
Easy-to-use natural colors are available.
Since it was born, gTAMAGAMIh has been supported by many customers and used for various purposes in the world of architecture. To meet the different needs of our customers, we have developed a variety of colors and are ready to present a total of 31. These selected colors have subtle tones which do not stand out in our daily life or commercial space and give you a sense of peace and a calm state of mind in a conspicuous way. The natural hues softly decorate the whole space of your life. TAMAGAMIfs colors and the feel of the materials are easy to coordinate with furniture. So, you can use it in a variety of ways.

1400^‚@*Tax not included

The products to reduce formaldehyde (Ministerial Approval Cert.No.:MFN-0470)F™™™™

Certified as fire-proof materials@@
@Washi wallpaper/quasi-non combustible material (Cert.No.:QM-0235)

Certified as non combustible materials
@Washi wallpaper/non combustible material (except Metallic plates)(Cert. No.:NM-1208)

‚ΰ‚݁@‚l‚n‚l‚h@-Subtle elegance-
‚s‚l-501 ‚s‚l-502 ‚s‚l-503 ‚s‚l-504 ‚s‚l-505
‚s‚l-506 ‚s‚l-507 ‚s‚l-508 ‚s‚l-509

’h@‚c‚`‚m@-Dignified beauty-
‚s‚l-601 ‚s‚l-602 ‚s‚l-603 ‚s‚l-604 ‚s‚l-605
‚s‚l-606 ‚s‚l-607 ‚s‚l-608

—œ’n@‚m‚`‚r‚g‚h‚y‚h@-Subdued style-
‚s‚l-701 ‚s‚l-702 ‚s‚l-703 ‚s‚l-704 ‚s‚l-705 ‚s‚l-706

–―Œ|@‚l‚h‚m‚f‚d‚h@-Peaceful mind-
‚s‚l-801 ‚s‚l-802 ‚s‚l-803 ‚s‚l-804 ‚s‚l-805

α•‘@‚x‚t‚j‚h‚l‚`‚hi‚r‚m‚n‚v@‚c‚`‚m‚b‚dj@-Nostalgic sentiment-
‚s‚l-901 ‚s‚l-902 ‚s‚l-903
* YUKIMAI (SNOW DANCE) series may have some paper dust coming off when you apply it to the wall; however it is not a matter of quality. You can feel assured to use it.