New washi was born with a combination of our tradition and state-of-the-art technology.

Our goal is to create the paper which repels water, but can breathe.

"Super high water-repellent washi", a gift from our technology
Washi has an image of "being weak against water" "TAMAGAMI" has changed this image   with its "super high water-repellent coating" In a regular water-repellent coating, the surface of the material is completely coated with resin to prevent water from permeation. That means the material does not have any breathability. So, when the material is used as wallpaper, the inside of the wall gets stuffy which may cause condensation or mold. On the other hand, "TAMAGAMI" has a "water-repellent coating" which can turn the water on the surface into droplets and repel them by the surface tension. What is different from the regular water-repellent coating is its high breathability. From the results of the water-repellency test, it is clear that the water droplets on the surface of "TAMAGAMI" form a complete globe-shape, which means "TAMAGAMI" is performing the highest level of "super high water-repellency" The name, "TAMAGAMI" is named after water droplets in a fine globe-shape. This technologically advanced product is strongly desired by people seeking "super high water-repellency"

"TAMAGAMI"has a special property which goes beyond current wallpaper.
(A)In the case of regular washi

Washi is made of natural materials. It can breathe and has an ability to adjust moisture. Also, it does not attract any dust or dirt in the air because it does not generate static electricity. However, it is neither waterproof nor dirt-repellent, so the dirt and water droplets which directly attach to the surface of paper will eventually soak into the paper.

(B) In the case of regular vinyl cloth,

The regular vinyl cloth is highly waterproofed. It causes condensation because of its non breathability. The plasticizer, which is used in the process of manufacturing a vinyl cloth, has a chemical reaction with tar and resin in the air and generates static electricity. That gives the vinyl cloth a property of adhering dirt.

(C) In the case of the super high water-repellent washi wallpaper "TAMAGAMI,"

While utilizing the original properties of washi, which are the breathability and the function to adjust moisture, TAMAGAMI upgraded the water-proof quality the current wall cloth has, by introducing the super high water-repellent function. TAMAGAMI has all the superior properties which traditional wallpaper has.

Function including water-repellency & dirt-resistance


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water-based felt pens


Super high water-repellent washi wallpaper TAMAGAMI   › ’ 


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regular vinyl cloth

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"TAMAGAMI",born from Echizen washi,colors the architecture its hues & the texture that makes people feel at ease.
The hometown of "TAMAGAMI", where the paper goddess dwells.

Echizen city (previously Imadate-cho), Fukui prefecture is known for producing Echizen washi, an origin of TAMAGAMI. It has been known as a place for papermaking since the olden times. The origin of papermaking dates back about 1500 years. It is said that a beautiful goddess appeared by the Okamoto River, and told the villagers, "This village is rich in clear water from the river, so if you make paper with this clear water, your life will become much better" And the goddess actually taught how to make paper to the villagers. It is said to be the beginning of papermaking in this region. "TAMAGAMI" has its base on washi made in this region which has such a fantastic history. Echizen washi has been brought up in this region with the rich natural climate and the pure stream water by the artisan over the years. "TAMAGAMI" is developing the high quality materials proven by tradition to make a new story.

"Washi wallpaper", which gives a lot of potential to the beauty of architecture.

Washi has been used in the world of Japanese architecture from ancient times. Although an earthen wall once was the most popular form of wall in the past, a new method of finishing the earthen wall in a tea-ceremony room had appeared. That is to paper the wall with washi to prevent the dust coming off from the earthen wall. This method gradually broadened the use of washi as the material for walls. Moreover, the beautiful fusuma paper (paper for Japanese sliding doors) using Torinoko washi had appeared. A technique to express a subtle difference of the texture of paper by various original patterns of washi was applied to the wallpaper and produced a more delicate beauty of architecture. "TAMAGAMI", the super high water-repellent wallpaper, was born by inheriting such tradition of washi for architecture.

Total 31 kinds: the colors seeking to have the warmth of the bark of tree and the grain of wood.

Japanese people have grown trees over the years and used them in our daily life. It is no exaggeration to say that modern Japanese feeling is deeply attached to the soft tone of the colors which the bark of tree and the grain of wood have. "TAMAGAMI" is aware of the colors which Japanese people feel at ease in their daily life and makes an effort to create its own colors. Now, we can proudly present 31 kinds of colors expressing delicate tastes. Furthermore, we have five series of paper each of which has different texture, "MOMI", "DAN", "NASHIZI", "MINGEI", & "YUKIMAI (SNOW DANCE)" The soft texture and the beautiful patterns of the fibers give variation to the hues and express the peace of mind and calmness in a conspicuous way. Since these colors and the feel of materials are easy to coordinate with furniture, you can widely utilize them for your house.

"TAMAGAMI" was born from nature and will return to nature.
ALL the raw materials are natural.

All the raw materials for gTAMAGAMIh are materials taken from the natural world. The materials for washi which is a base of TAMAGAMI are natural plants such as camellia, mitsumata (paper bush) and gampi (clove-like bush). For super high water-repellent coating, silicon which is born from the earth is used. Silicon is the element which composes 80 percent of rocks and not harmful for the human body. Since no toxic substances are used for the raw materials or in the process of manufacturing, there is no need to worry about sick-house syndrome. Please feel assured to use TAMAGAMI.
Supporting a healthy living space

Building materials which are superior in breathability and which can control moisture are indispensable to build a healthy house, under the climate of the high temperature and the high humidity in Japan. The wall cloth with the regular water-proof coating has no breathability and causes condensation to develop in the space between the wall and the cloth. gTAMAGAMIh keeps the breathability which washi originally has by applying a super high water-repellent coating. With this ability, the function for adjusting moisture also works well to prevent condensation. Moreover, by keeping no extra moisture, it can prevent mold and ticks. It surely supports you to create a healthy living space.
Keeping in clean condition without any dirt

Since gTAMAGAMIh does not generate static electricity, it hardly ever attracts any dust or dirt in the air and can keep in clean condition. It is highly dirt-resistant with the super high water-repellent coating. So, the regular dirt in our daily life such as tar from cigarette smoke or finger marks can not usually stay on the paper. You can easily keep a clean and beautiful space with TAMAGAMI.

The hues of trees work gently on our mind and body

As the forest has its own purification system, living conditions which are similar to the natural circumstances ease our stress and make our mind and body healthier. While being conscious of it, gTAMAGAMIh has sought to have the hues and the feel of materials get as close to nature as possible. The tone of colors which remind us of the natural surface of wood and the soft texture which matches to our mind and body will support you to create a living space with a relaxed atmosphere.
Considering the environment of the earth

Washi is made from trees and pure water. Without the blessings of nature, gTAMAGAMIh cannot exist. Therefore, with our appreciation to nature, we are making an effort to produce our products without any damage to the environment. All the raw materials are natural. They will not generate toxic gases when they are burned. The natural materials are born from the earth, so they will return to the earth after they are buried.