We want to hand down only our best products, with excellence.
To produce a better life and better days, we have been developing and selling various building materials.To further develop our original products, we directed our attention to washi which has been used in the world of japanese aechitecture from the olden times.Washi has been handed down to us from the ancient times. Since we want you to feel the culture of washi in our modern life, we have developed "TAMAGAMI" which is a washi for moreover, we have developed "AYA Gasane", crafted TAMAGAMI, which has a deeper tone. We want to introduce the unique characteristics of washi to as many people as possible.We enthusiam, we are intoroducing "TAMAGAMI"and "AYA Gasane" to the people.

We have been accumulating all kinds of knowledge about products and market information through the sales of wallpaper, curtains, carpets and other interior materials which decorate your living space. We think that breaking the new market which our customers are seeking is our lifeline. To meet our customers' needs, we, as a supplier in this field, have been supplying a number of products with various designs, colors and texture to decorate their interior. Now, we begin to think about preserving our natural environment for the next generation, the importance of our health, and also having an open mind to cultivate our culture. We will continue to supply various interior materials as we have done before, but at the same time we would like to develop and introduce our new products.
Washi has the traditional culture of interior decoration from the ancient times. We added a super high water-repellent function to washi and developed washi wallpaper which is not easily marked or stained; it is durable and easy to use. Without spoiling the merits of washi which are its own unique texture and the breathability, it is the most superior wallpaper which is harmless to our health and environment.Now we are recognizing "Japanese culture", the root of our life, again. When you select the wallpaper for your house, please take a good look at our products. We assure you of your satisfaction.

Representative Director
Fumio Watanabe

渡辺 文雄